Thursday Christmas Pageant Rehearsal

Ages 3 & up are welcome to join the Youth of All Souls, from 3:30 - 4:30 PM,  for carols, snacks, and rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant. Rehearsal is not madatory to participate in the Pageant, but familiarization does help. 

Dec 24: Christmas Eve

4 PM - Family Service with Christmas Pageant.

Children should arrive at 3:15 to get into costume. All children are welcome to participate. 

7 PM - Christmas Eve

Holy Eucharist with Choir and Carols

10:30 PM - Christmas Carols

11:00 PM -  Solemn "Midnight Mass" with smells and bells

Dec 25: Christmas Day

10:15 AM Eucharist with Carols

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