MAY 20, 2018 - Mr. John Carroll 


After David and Peggy’s wonderful words of the last couple of weeks, what in the world am I going to say?  What can I add to that? 

Well, in the kingdom of God, there’s always something more to add…


I thought about the passage of time… underlined by our loving send-off of the remarkable Grace Hurst yesterday morning…  What would she want us to do?


How do we mark time while we’re in and on this terrestrial plane?  What are we doing here?


I hope I speak for all of us when I say that we’re here… in every sense of that word… here… present in this time space… to make a difference.


How do we make a difference?  By our words… certainly true…  But, someone once said, ye shall know them by their fruits.  What, in 2018, are our fruits here in San Diego, in Point Loma, at and in the parish of All Souls’?  What do we do, what will we do to make a difference during our time spent in this time and place, in this space?


How do we put flesh on the bones, so to speak, of the words that we say week in and week out in this building? 


I would submit to you that our Capital Campaign is in fact a very appropriate vehicle to live out the call… to put actual, visceral meaning… an outcome to those words we are so familiar with, that we speak week in and week out.


This campaign is not about collective self-aggrandizement, a beautifying of an already beautiful place.  This is about something larger than all of us.  It is about the collective that is this parish, caring for our community.


The Compass Committee set a goal not long ago… for us to be the hub of Point Loma and Ocean Beach.  ONE of the ways we get there is by expanding our capacity to do mission… to live up to the call of Christ.  In this regard, that, simply, means financial support.  We must show forth in our lives that which we believe in our hearts.


So… I would ask that you consider this notion… of reaching a little deeper, stretching a bit further… giving of yourself to further enliven the work of the special people of this special place.


If you’ve already made a donation, and I know many of you have, thank you so much!  It is deeply appreciated!


If you haven’t already, please…. Make a generous gift to our capital campaign to ensure the continuing, the expanding ministry of this


special place in this extraordinary time.  Thank you!