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Compass Plan and Implementation


All Souls' has complete the long-range planning process and we have come up with our "Compass Plan" that lays out goals and strategic actions for the next 5 years. The complete plan is available for download by clicking here or the link on the right side of this page.


We have begun the implementation of this plan. The vestry and the committee chairs have recently met to see how we are progressing toward our stated objectives. One of our accomplishments includes the completion of a parish survey using the Church Assessment Tool (CAT) established by Holy Cow Consulting. Our CAT results were eye-opening. We are a parish poised to do big things in the community with high energy and high satisfaction ratings. You can see a subset of the survey results by following this link! 


The Compass Committee responsible for the development of this plan consisted of 16 parishioners which are a representative sample of our demographic. The committee was made up of long-time members of All Souls', new additions to our parish family, and both young and old members of our parish. The committee also contained members of the vestry and the All Souls' staff. A complete roster of the Compass Committee can be found here.



O Lord, our captain and our navigator,

be our beacon that guides and blesses the work
of the All Souls’ Compass Committee as together we discern

who you are calling us to be in your creation,

that we may stay the course as we strain forward to what is beyond,

fearlessly going into the heart of the Gospel,

resting in the peace which comes in

loving and serving you.
We pray not for a smooth sea, but a stout ship,

a good compass, faithful companions,

and strong hearts. Transform us in your love that all

may come to a knowledge and love of you.

In the name of the one who creates all that was,

and is, and is to come, one Lord, time everlasting,

the great I Am. Amen.


The Compass Plan and Executive Summary are available now!



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