PSickels Lent 3 15Mar2020.MP3The Rev. Peter Sickels
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Tap into the living water of Jesus and share the peace and love we receive with others. 

JDirbas Lent 2 08Mar2020.MP3The Rev. Joseph Dirbas
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JDirbas Lent 1 01Mar2020.MP3The Rev. Joseph Dirbas
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Being born of water and Spirit, born again, is an ongoing process with daily opportunities for transformation and growth as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We come to church to be transformed so that we might transform the world. Come, follow Jesus, be like Jesus and be made new!

PSickels LastEpiphany 23Feb2020.MP3The Rev. Joseph Dirbas
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JDirbas AshWednesday 26Feb2020.MP3The Rev. Joseph Dirbas
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JDirbas 6Epiphany 16Feb2020.MP3The Rev. Joseph Dirbas
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JDirbas 5Epiphany 09Feb2020.MP3The Rev. Joseph Dirbas
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JDirbas 3Epiphany 26Jan2020.MP3The Rev. Peter Sickels
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PSickels 2Epiphany 19Feb2020.MP3The Rev. Peter Sickels
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JDirbas 1Epiphany 12Feb2020.MP3The Rev. Joseph Dirbas
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The ashes we smudge are a sign of our mortality but more than that, they are a sign of life as we repent and return to the Lord and receive forgiveness of our sins.

We grow and develop along our spiritual journeys and discover Jesus manifest in many different ways.

Choose life! Jesus teaches us that the commandments are relational. When we put our relationship with God first, our ability to follow the law follows.

You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world.  Let's keep our saltiness and participate in our calls toward the kingdom of God.

Jesus is our light and our life. When we make ourselves available to that light, we discover we shine that light for all to see. Come, let your light shine!

Following Jesus can be an amazing journey to unexplored places. You never know what you'll discover when you lean in and hear him call.

The voice of God is a powerful voice that calls to us, empowers us, reveals the truth to us. As disciples of Jesus, we must listen for this voice and follow God's call.

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