MAY 13, 2018 - Ms. Peggy Strand 


Good morning!  I’m Peggy Strand, and about 10 years ago, my husband, Michael Parrish, and I wandered up Chatsworth Blvd looking for a new church home.  We found All Souls’ and we’ve been here ever since.


I’ve been asked to briefly talk with you about why I support the capital Campaign for All Souls’:  Imagining Transforming Realizing.


And here’s the reason.  This is my daughter’s son, Billy Fosnaught.  He was baptized at All Souls’ six years go.  He has joined me in the pew since he could toddle.  He has been an active participant in the children’s nursery whether it has been wrestling on the floor with George or coloring with Jeannie while they quietly discussed Richard Hooker…or was it the other way around?  He attends Godly Play with Ms. Myrtle and Ms. Judy where he is learning the stories and characters that will be with him for life, and he looks forward to Sundays at church. 


It’s time to renovate and transform the 1950s buildings here at All Souls’ for adults…and for children.  As older members of our church family it is incumbent upon us to provide a welcoming spiritual home for the children in our midst.  They need spaces and places, both sacred and fun; they are the future of All Souls’.


Last weekend, we held the Capital Campaign Cinco de Mayo kickoff party, and it was a great success.  It was an evening of color, noise, festivity, great food and fellowship. While the adults finished their dinners in Gooden Hall and enjoyed the music and dancing, 19 kids… ages 3 to 17… were in the Godly Play room working on a directed painting activity. They were quietly focused on following the guided instruction for painting a portrait of Frida Kahlo, the wonderful Mexican artist.  How appropriate for a Cinco de Mayo event!  And each went home with the artwork he or she created, feeling accomplished and happy with the experience here at All Souls’.


Yes, there are that many children in our midst.  It’s a cliché, I know, but if we build it, they will come…for spiritual guidance, for music, for art, for culture, for worship and for friendship. Please join me in pledging to the Capital Campaign at whatever level you are comfortable.  All pledges are warmly appreciated.  Together, we can imagine, transform and realize the very best of All Souls’.  Thanks for listening.