Children's Christian Formation

"Small Souls" Worship for Children


On Sunday mornings, we offer a worship opportunity for children at our 10:15 service. Families begin worship together in the church, and before the first Scripture reading, children are invited to follow the Small Souls leader to the chapel (located off the hallway directly behind the organ).  


Small Souls follows the same pattern as worship in the church, but with language and themes accessible to children. We have:

  • One of the lectionary readings for the day, read from a children's Bible

  • A children's sermon that relates that reading to their daily lives

  • The Nicene Creed -- the same affirmation of faith that the whole congregation makes, but read together from a large-print book with pictures and pauses for Q&A.  

  • Prayers for the church, the nation, our community, the world, the sick, the needy, and our own concerns. We use hands-on materials to make our prayers visual and tangible.

  • Confession -- a simple prayer for God's help in living as Jesus taught us in the coming week


Our hope is that through this experience, we teach children about the rhythm of worship in the Episcopal Church and prepare them to smoothly transition into "big church" when they are older as confident participants in the service.


Children May Always Remain in the Church

If you or they prefer, children are always welcome to remain with their parents in the pews. We welcome all ages in our worship, with full knowledge that children's presence brings wiggles, giggles, and noise. Jesus took little children into his arms as he was teaching, and we believe in doing the same. 

For your convenience, we have "Play and Pray" bags available in the narthex. Inside you will find coloring, pipe cleaners, and other quiet activities to give children something to do with their hands during the service.


Family Sundays


On the first Sunday of the month, we hold a "Family Sunday", in which children and parents are especially encouraged to remain together throughout the service. On Family Sundays, the preacher invites young people up front for a children's sermon, followed by a few brief remarks for the adults.  

Christian Education

We offer weekly Christian education as part of our after school program on Thursdays at 1pm. For more information about this program, visit our Thursdays on the Point page. We also offer Vacation Bible School twice a year-- once in the summer, and once during public schools' spring break.


If you have questions about children's formation, contact Mother Terry.