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Values, Vision, and Mission


Thank you so much for the congregational feedback on the initial Values, Vision, and Mission Statements. As a result, the Compass Committee refined the statements. These statements were presented to the vestry at the Vestry Meeting on June 23, 2015. The Vestry accepted the work of the Compass Committee and endorsed the Values, Vision and Mission Statements below.


We look forward to the next steps in the planning process which include a detailed analysis of our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats followed by the development of Goals and Objectives. Your continued feedback is welcome as congregational involvement is necessary to assist in discerning God's call for our community. Feel free to e-mail your comments to




We are guided by the Holy Spirit and the example of Jesus Christ in our prayer, worship, discipleship, and service to others, as we share the Good News.



We are in loving relationship with God, each other, and our community, embracing all individuals and families wherever they are in their journeys.



We honor the dignity of every person, valuing our differences, as we grow in Christ and learn from each other.



We recognize that all we have comes from God, and with gratitude we generously share these abundant gifts, caring for all of God’s creation.



We celebrate God’s gifts of liturgy, music, and art as a window to experiencing the Divine.




To be a vibrant and joy-filled congregation that serves as the community hub for Christ’s transformative love.




We invite all to grow in faith with us as we embody and courageously share God’s love in the world.  

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