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Ministry in the Region and Diocese

All Souls' outreach activities stretch beyond the lcoal community as we partner with and support ministries throughout our region and diocese. 


The Episcopal Refugee Network:

The Episcopal Refugee Network is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego as supported by All Souls', provides assistance to refugees from Sudan, Iraq, Myanmar and other countries by  offering help in applying for government funding, acquiring household goods and furniture, filling in school enrollment forms, mastering English language skills, twice-weekly tutoring sessions for school-age children, obtaining a driver’s license, assisting with translation at doctors’ appointments.  In an on-going program, All Souls’ also provides special needs items, e.g. back to school backpacks and school supplies, shoes, and clothing.




SOLACE Prison Ministry: 

SOLACE (Souls Offering Love and Compassionate Ears) is an interfaith detention visitation project of volunteers who visit immigrants held at the Otay Detention Center of San Diego County.  Volunteers trained in visitation, meet with immigrants, including refugees and asylum seekers, one or two weekends a month.  This program offers friendly ears to people held in detention with the goal of ending isolation, affirming humanity and restoring hope.



Seafarers Ministry:

Mission to the Seafarers is a program of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.  As a part of a worldwide network of chaplains, lay staff and volunteers support mariners of all races and creeds in over 300 ports throughout the world.  All Souls provides devotional and other books and magazines.





God’s Extended Hands:

Formerly called Sister Winnie’s Mission, God's Extended Hands is a mission in downtown San Diego providing 1—2 meals per day for the homeless and poor. This mission has been in service to our community since 1924.


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