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What to Expect

Is there parking?


Yes! The entrance to our parking lot is located on Chatsworth, and we have spaces reserved just for visitors. If the parking lot is full, additional spaces are available on Catalina in front of the church, or directly across the street at Silver Gate Elementary School.



What should I wear?


Whatever you’re comfortable in. Some people enjoy dressing up for church, while others come in blue jeans. There is no dress code, so do what makes you happy. You will never be judged by your outfit.



Can I bring my kids?


Yes! We welcome infants and children at all of our services. There is a “Care Corner” located to your left upon entering the church, containing a changing table and a glider for nursing mothers and other caregivers. The Care Corner has clear sight of the pulpit and altar, so you can continue to listen and participate while tending babies and toddlers.


We provide “Pray and Play” bags for children at the back of the church with coloring, activity pages, pipe cleaners, and more to give them something to do with their hands during worship. At our 10:15 service on Sundays, we also offer a children’s component of the service that we call “Small Souls.” Leaders will invite children to the chapel (just behind the organ) during the sermon and will return to their parents during the announcements, before Holy Communion.



Is there childcare?


We know that parenting is both wonderful and exhausting. We offer professionally-staffed childcare in our nursery, directly across the patio from the church. The nursery is open from 7:30 am until 12:30 pm on Sundays, so feel free to come early or stay late for adult education, friendly conversation, or to find a spot to think, rest, or pray.



What is the service like?


We offer several different worship experiences on the weekends. All of our services might best be described as “formal, but warm and inviting.”


Our Saturday evening Holy Eucharist is a peaceful and contemplative service. Instead of a sermon, the priest leads a conversation in which all are invited to share the questions or thoughts the Bible readings raise in their hearts and minds. Following Holy Communion, those with a loaf of bread or bottle of wine for their dinner table may bring them forward for a blessing before the service concludes.


Our Sunday morning 8 am service is quiet, does not include music, and typically everyone knows (almost) everyone else’s name. Don't let the quiet atmosphere fool you-- infants and children are always embraced here!  The service includes Bible readings, a brief sermon, prayers, and Holy Communion.


Our 10:15 am service is our largest service of the weekend. It is traditional in style and includes organ music and a full choir. Youth and adults assist the clergy in leading worship. Children’s programming is available during the sermon and prayers.  On the third Sunday of the month, the children and youth in our Choristers program also sing with the choir, and the priest will offer a children’s sermon at the front of the congregation. This service also includes Holy Communion.


On the third Sunday of the month, we offer an Evensong service at 5 pm. This is a traditional worship service from England that consists of hymns, Bible readings, and prayers to end the day in quiet. Many people attend this service simply to hear the exquisite music offered by the choir.


There is neither a sermon nor Holy Communion, making it an opportunity to simply rest in the presence of God and let the prayers and music wash over you. Incense is typically used at this service, but because we have very high ceilings in our building, you need not worry about being overwhelmed. A reception of sherry, port, sparkling cider, and shortbread follows the service.



How long does worship last?


Our Celtic service on Saturday evenings, our Sunday 8 am service, and our monthly Evensong service each last approximately 45 minutes. Our Sunday morning 10:15 service typically concludes by 11:30 am.



How will I know what to do during the service?


All of our worship services have a program that provides the text and hymns for the entire service, word for word, so that you can easily follow along. Although material is generally drawn from the books you see in front of you in the pews – the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, and our hymnal – we know that following along with multiple books can be intimidating, and for parents juggling babies, bags, and sippy cups, is nearly impossible! We hope our program makes everything easy to follow, but if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask someone sitting near you.



Will I be asked to stand up and introduce myself?


Never. Hopefully you’ll be greeted warmly when you enter and welcomed by those sitting near you, but we will never “put you on the spot” during worship. We do hope you will sign our guestbook at the back of the church so that we can follow up with a more formal welcome and add you to our email list. We also hope you’ll join us in the parish hall afterward so that we can get to know you better over coffee and snacks.



I was raised _____________ (Catholic, Baptist, nondenominational, etc). Can I still participate in Holy Communion?


All who have been baptized in any church are welcome to receive the bread and wine of Jesus’ body and blood in Holy Communion. If you have not yet been baptized, we would love the opportunity to talk to you about what that means. Those who do not wish to receive the bread and wine (yet) may still come forward with everyone else and receive a blessing instead. 



How do I become a member?


Simply start attending worship, and if you’ve never been baptized before in any church, speak to the clergy about baptism.


A financial commitment is not necessary for membership, but we believe that at some point you will feel so excited by the ministry we’re doing here, by the way God is transforming your heart and your life, and by the ways we are serving Point Loma, Ocean Beach, and the world, that you will want to share the blessings God has given you with others by making a pledge.


For now, in the words of Jesus, “Come and see.”

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