All Souls' Youth Ministry includes all the tweens and teens in our community, providing them with a safe space to question, explore, and live out their faith as they mature into young adulthood.  Activities include fellowship (movie nights, laser tag, beach hangouts), faith conversations, and service to our community and the world.


Youth Ministry meets from 7pm-9pm almost every Friday evening that school is in session. Some nights we break into small groups for our J2A & Rite13 programs (see below), while other nights we have whole group service projects or fellowship events. Whole group events are open to youth in 5th-12th grade, whether or not they participate in J2A and Rite13.



Our youth in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive faith formation program called Journey to Adulthood. Students will form small groups based on age, with each small group undertaking a two-year program of fellowship, service, prayer, and education and working together toward a common goal.


Rite13: 6th & 7th graders

Youth in 6th or 7th grade in the 2018-2019 school year (or those who will turn 13 before June of 2020) are invited to our Rite13 program. This small group focuses on identity. Who am I, as a person made in God's image? What does it mean for me to grow up, to become a teenager, to move toward adulthood in a new way? 


In a world where our children are bombarded with messages about what it means to be a man or to be a woman, Rite13 emphasizes to our youth that they are wonderfully made, and that their identities as men and women have already been given to them by God. 


Rite13 will conclude in the spring of 2020 with a special rite of passage liturgy at Sunday worship. Much like a bar mitzvah, this occasion will be a chance for the parish to recognize our youth's transition from childhood to adolescence and to pray for and encourage them and their families in this exciting time in their lives.


Rite13 isn't all seriousness, though, there's lots of fun and games along the way, as well as special fellowship events and weekend trips. Newcomers are always welcome! 


J2A: 8th grade and above

The next phase after Rite13 is called J2A. This class emphasizes the cultivation of essential skills for adulthood, acknowledging that while manhood and womanhood are indeed gifts of God, adulthood must be earned.


In addition to learning and service opportunities, these young people will also choose a location of spiritual significance to them and plan and fundraiser for a pilgrimage there in the summer of 2020. For many youth, this is the spiritual highlight of their lives and makes a significant impact on their worldview.




Throughout the year we have a number of special events for youth, both at All Souls' and in the wider Episcopal Church community (what we call a "diocese").  



Twice a year for all ages: one in December, and one shortly before Easter.  These are our biggest events each year, which include a brief worship experience and some kind of service project, in addition to lots of play and a little sleep.  They are always well-attended and tons of fun!


Home Tour and Ocean Beach Holiday Parade Float

Our youth are integral to the success of our congregation's major annual fundraiser, our St. Nicholas Home Tour.  Everyone helps with home tour somehow, and our tweens and teens are no exception!  Some of our youth help with all the festivities at All Souls', and others help create and ride on our float at the Ocean Beach holiday parade!


Diocesan Youth Events (6th grade and up)

The Diocesan Youth Collaborative invites young people from all over San Diego to retreats at Camp Stevens in Julian and to various other gatherings throughout the year.  These are a great way to meet new people make friends outside our local community.


Mission Trips

Youth in grades 6 and above have regular opportunity to participate in intensive mission experiences, either locally or abroad.  Middle schoolers are invited to an annual weekend service retreat in City Heights with the youth from around the diocese, and high schoolers can participate in home building in Mexico, service at Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro, Belize, and more!