For God the father Almighty plays upon the harp of stupendous magnitude and melody. For at that time malignity ceases and the devils themselves are at peace. For this time is perceptible to man by a remarkable stillness and serenity of soul. Hallelujah from the heart of God, and from the hand of the artist inimitable, and

from the echo of the heavenly harp in sweetness magnifical and mighty.'


 Christopher Smart

Music is an integral part of All Souls' liturgy and offering to God. In response to the Psalm, Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, or Worship the Lord in the holiness of beauty, we offer the best liturgical music possible with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Music at All Souls' utilizes the uniqueness of our Anglican choral heritage to fill the hearts and minds with the glory of God as revealed through our Lord Jesus Christ.




Ruben Valenzuela, Director of the Music & Organist

Spencer Velky, Assistant Organist

Vacant, Organ Scholar

Ann Evans, Music Librarian/Circulation

Demi Grubb, Music Librarian/Circulation


Anne-Marie Dicce, Soprano

Sarah-Nicole Carter, Soprano/Alto

Evangelina Woo, Alto

Brad Fox, Tenor

Phil Simon, Bass

Eric Carter, Bass

Elizabeth Figueroa, Choral Scholar

Libby Weber, Choral Scholar