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Mechanical action, unequal temperament.

Inspired by the organs of 17th century Northern Europe

Entirely handcrafted from natural materials.

Gold-leafed façade carvings of Pacific Ocean sea creatures are by Jude Fritts.

*Muriel Marsh Hahn Memorial


Fritts & Richards, Opus 5 was dedicated on 6 April 1986 and is inspired by Northern German organs of the 17th century. The organ is a mechanical-action instrument and is

one of a few instruments of its type in Southern California, and the only example of this type of organ in San Diego. Since the instrument's arrival in 1986, many world-class artists have been presented at All Souls’, including Dame Gillian Weir, Marie-Claire Alain, Pierre Pincemaille, and the late John Scott. The American Guild of Organists regularly uses the organ for recitals, master-classes, and convention events. 

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